Monday, October 23, 2006

Westworld - Gunslingers and Remakes

On Saturday night we watched Westworld on the Scifi Channel. We had started watching it on Friday but typically I fell asleep 30 minutes in, so I was pleased it was being shown again at a more friendly time. The OH was amazed that I'd never seen it before as it is a classic apparently. For once he didn't trot out the 'Call yourself a film buff?' line that he usually does when I haven't seen a film (I have never ever called myself a film buff - I did briefly go out with one once - he is now apparently directing music videos in LA - he was incredibly dull though).

Anyway, I really enjoyed it. Yul Brynner was very menacing as a Gunslinger robot, despite wearing a ridiculously tight shirt. I quite fancied James Brolin - he looked rather like an in his prime Clint Eastwood. I spent much of film thinking about which 'world' I would go to, the choice being Wild West, Medieval or Ancient Rome. The OH unhesitatingly picked Medieval for the buxom serving wenches and banquets of meat, although I associated the period more with plagues and poor sanitation. I would probably go to Rome - I like grapes and they invented drainage, I can take or leave the orgies.

I described the film to the OH as being like Jurassic Park with robots instead of dinosaurs and on looking it up on IMDB this morning, I find out that it was written by the same person, Michael Crichton (who also wrote Disclosure, quite possibly the worst film ever made).

It seems there is going to be a remake of Westworld, although there aren't any details of who will be playing the Gunslinger. I hate remakes, even more than I hate sequels. I can't think of a single remake that has improved upon the original (feel free to correct me). I particularly hate Hollywood remakes of foreign or British films. Can somebody not write something new?

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