Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Perspective, too much f***ing perspective

I found out today that someone I know has got breast cancer. Not exactly a friend, more a friend-of-a-friend, but someone I like and have alot of time for. She is only about 2 years older than me. Apparently she is coping well - she is a super organised sensible person so I can easily imagine her being practical about while everyone else does the crying. It was this thought that made me cry and I want her to be ok more than anything else right now.

The friend in common told me about this by email and ended with the phrase 'it puts it all into perspective, doesn't it...' This is the same person who kept talking about death when we last tried to go clubbing and I think used that same phrase then too. I hate this phrase, its such a cliche. And to be honest I don't need things putting into perspective. I may moan nearly constantly about my job and obsess over trivia, but its mainly to stop myself from thinking about the big things in life. I'm all too aware of the mortality of those I love. In the last couple of years, there has been plenty of illness and death to help with my perspective.


Jen said...

:( I'm sorry to hear that, what shocking news for your friend.

I agree, sometimes it's better *not* too think about the big issues. If that's all we were to think about day in day out, what kind of a life would that be? A pretty depressing one I'd imagine.

Jen xx

Suz said...

Oh, that's awful, I'm so sorry :-(

I feel the same - sometimes you need distracting with the smaller things, otherwise it would be non-stop crying.

Hope you're ok xx

SandDancer said...

Thanks. Hopefully she will be ok but it must be very scary for her. The other thing is that she is such a clean living person - never drank or smoked and eats very healthily and yet this can still happen.