Saturday, October 07, 2006

More questions than answers

The holiday has thrown up some very interesting questions about our plans for the future. Despite having previously claimed to hate the countryside (open fields have brought on huge panic attacks, the Oxfordshire countryside nearly induced vomiting), I have now found myself contemplating life outside of London. We have talked about leaving London before, but usually for Manchester, Edinburgh, Newcastle or New York i.e. sticking with the urban life. But this holiday has made us consider that a gentler pace of life might be for us afterall. I'm still not a big fan of the proper countryside, but I can cope if its near the sea (I know is doesn't make sense, but its my phobia) and Urban Outfitters now has an online shop, so perhaps I could leave the metropolis.

People in Cornwall seemed so much happier than people in London so why are we slogging away in pointless jobs for very little reward? This is the question we asked ourselves frequently during the course of the week.

I think I'm coming to the point where I'm past caring what I do for a living and would swap a so-called career for a nice little house and a garden that didn't cost the earth. But as we aren't independently wealthy, we will still need to work, which is the main thing holding us back. OH's job in particular is rather London-centric so it might be difficult to find gainful employment elsewhere, and I think the pasty-baking/fudge-making industry in Cornwall is already sewn up.

Why are there no easy answers? I wish someone would just tell us what was the best thing to do. I hate being an adult at times!


northern monkey said...

Hi sanddancer sounds like you had a great relaxing holiday

I so know what you mean about the london-city thing. I love the whole metropolis, city living thing but sometimes hate it - I want fresh air, peace and quiet and not that mad rush, over priced life all the time. It's a question me and my OH struggle with. If we left we'd go north but sometimes when I'm up there and contemplate how great life seems to be, I wonder if I could do it on a day to day basis or whether I'd have a hankering for big city life. I guess you have to go with how you feel and working out what is best for you both, but it so sucks having to make a decision sometimes

Natalie said...

I see where you're copming from, I'm much happier since I moved to the suburbs. I can get to central London in 15 mins but I can also go for a walk in the woods very easily. I guess it's about finding a middle ground. I'm certain that working and living in Central London makes nobody happy and just breeds misery and stress.

SandDancer said...

If we lived in Central London it wouldn't be so bad, but we already live pretty far out in the suburbs and its still stupidly expensive. I used to work in the same area as I live and it was less stressful, although I didn't quite appreciate it at the time.

Suz said...

Yup, being an adult is hard work. Sometimes I feel a great urge to sit in the corner and rock back and forth gently.

Maybe this is something you should look into, to ease your curiousity if nothing else?