Monday, October 16, 2006

And the winner is...

Last night was the Theatre Awards. This is regional theatre so it lacked the glamour of its West End counterpart, but I still had a great time. Celebrities were a bit thin on the ground and as ever most of those that were there I didn't know. Anyway here comes some name-dropping (sort of).

I was introduced to Michelle Collins. Its an awful cliche, but she really is tiny in real life . I always thought she looked quite tall on the television but she must only be about 5ft4 and very petite. She was wearing a gorgeous dress and was very pretty in the flesh too.

A woman who used to be on Casualty won an award (to be honest I didn't know her but it was mentioned) . She was wearing an awful turquoise dress that she was falling out off , tit tape very much visible. She fell over drunk later in the evening.

The entertaiment in the ceremony was very good, especially the songs by a quartet dressed as mice. They did a great number about cheese which included rhyming gloomy with haloumi.

I ended up staying there rather late and am suffering for it today, not hungover but very tired. I spent a long time talking to a bizarre pair of musicians who had gatecrashed, neither of whom seemed to believe I was English (he thought I was Irish, she thought I was Hungarian - this is a new one). At the end of the night I was talking to the writer who won the award for best new play and his director, a lovely woman from Stoke. I think the writer took a bit of a shine to me as he tried to persuade me to stay longer, but as I'm very much attached and have a proper job to go to I left at just after eleven. Not sure how much longer the party was going on but the cleaners were already in.

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