Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Last Great Rock n Roll Band

Primal Scream

They are a proper band, a gang that look out for each other.

They've written some great songs and their style has evolved.

They've got a political conscience but not just for popular safe causes (a la Bono and Chris Martin) .

They've taken a shed load of drugs, but they've had fun doing it (take note Pete Docherty - its meant to be fun!).

And of course, they have Bobby Gillespie (still my ideal man) and Mani (the nicest bloke in music) who together were responsible for the funniest piece of television I've ever seen - Glastonbury 2005. Guaranteed never to be repeated. 'Hey hey, we're the junkies' sang Bobby before going on to do a set that was at times shambolic & petulant, but still the best thing on all weekend.

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