Thursday, April 27, 2006

Holiday - It would be so nice!

How did I manage to shack up with the only person in the world who doesn't like going on holiday?

Okay, so neither of us wants to go on a package holiday to fry in the sun, drink in Linnekers Bar whilst watching Only Fools & Horses and equally we aren't keen on holidaying in a poor country, patronising the locals. But there must be something in-between? So far we've mainly been on city breaks but I'm exhausted & need to go somewhere to relax.

He wants to stay in this country. I don't - I'm sick of having to always carry an umbrella about just in case and besides this country is such a rip-off. So we are trying to find somewhere else to go, hampered by the fact he won't go away for longer than 3 nights (no idea why). So the shortlist currently stands at:

  • St Ives
  • Malta
  • Madeira
  • Jersey

I really don't want to go to Jersey - I would be embarrassed to tell people where I was going and he would make Bergerac jokes the whole time.

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