Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It is not Art

This morning my journey to work was disrupted by a security alert at Hammersmith. The train stopped at Ravenscourt Park (it isn't supposed to) and after about 20 minutes of platform sitting, the station was closed with hundreds of passengers being ejected into the wilds of Hammersmith/Chiswick borders - a No Man's Land for public transport. We managed to get on a bus that crawled along to Notting Hill Gate where we were able to resume our journey on the Central Line. I say 'we' because I had my sisters with me who are nervous about London at the best of time - they were rather shaken by the whole things & I doubt they'll ever visit again.

Upon arrival at work one hour and twenty minutes late, it transpired that it was an art experiment - a woman had left five suitcases at various points around west London as an art installation before going to the police to turn herself in.

Why not just paint a nice picture? This is not art. It was a huge nuisance to commuters, but moreoever it is incredibly disrespectful to those people who died in the real attack on London last year.

I hope they lock her up for a very long time.

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