Monday, November 05, 2007

Yule Fool

It might be because the weather has turned suddenly cold. It might be because my sister has been demanding to know what I want. It may be the bombardment of Christmas gifts emails in my Inbox. It might be because I work near Covent Garden, a quintessentially Christmassy place. Whatever the reason, I’m feeling quite Christmassy already which is unusual for me.

So I was perusing the Christmas section of the John Lewis website, contemplating various decorations and colour schemes for our first Christmas in our new place, when I spotted this.

Apparently it is an idea imported from USA. The idea is that it saves space apparently, although my solution would be to just by a smaller tree. I’m sure it has been engineered to be safe, but really I wouldn’t trust it not to fall down. Besides which it looks hideous.

Although as a practical joke, you could swap the proper tree for this one in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve and stick all the presents on the ceiling. That would certainly liven things up on Christmas morning!


M said...

Ah, yet another stellar export and American contribution to world culture. Enjoy!

*shakes head in embarrassment and mentally apologizes for unnecessary and misdirected applications of capitalism*

Roses said...


Another on the fast growing list of things NOT to get this Christmas.


Anonymous said...

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