Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ohhhh, Ahhh, Fireworks

Last night we went to our local firework display, which had a James Bond 007 theme. Luckily we clarified what this meant before going and established that this theme was limited to the music accompanying the fireworks. Imagine the shame if the OH had gone in a tux, Matini in hand and me in a white bikini or sprayed gold!

Instead we wrapped up warm, and enjoyed the mulled wine and barbecue food before the display began in style with Henry Mancini's Bond signature tune before going through the hits of 'Goldfinger', 'View to a Kill', 'The Living Daylights', 'License to Kill' and culminating in 'Live and Let Die'. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the music, but that may have been because the pre-display music included much detested Queen so after them everything else sounded great - even possibly 2Unlimited!

The fireworks were good although they only 20 minutes. Apparently this is standard but as a child, I'm sure it felt like longer although that may have been down to the northern cold as much as being young. I took some photographs but otherwise joined in with the obligatory'Ooohhh' and 'Ahhh' that the crowd have to make. Someone behind us varied things a bit by repeatedly exlaiming 'F*** look at that one' which wasn't altogether appropriate in front of children and disproportionate to the level of excitement the fireworks warranted.

We didn't hang around for the bonfire afterward but went home. Inside we could hear various amateur fireworks being set off and the noises were quite alarming - no wonder cats and dogs hate this time of year.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!

I'm sick of the fireworks and can't wait for tomorrow to be over with - it sounds like the blitz round my way

M said...

Did Daniel Craig show up? Now there's a reason for fireworks. *sigh*

SandDancer said...

NM - it is an awful racket when you aren't watching them yourself although normally round here they are drag on for a while after the 5th.

M - I couldn't see Daniel Craig although perhaps he was there in a woolly hat and I just didn#t recognise him.