Tuesday, November 06, 2007


What has happened to the Pret A Manager Egg and Tomato on Rye sandwich? I went to buy one for my lunch and they have gone. I know I hadn't bought one in a while as I'd been trying to cut back on what I spend on lunch but really other people must have been buying them too so there was no need to stop doing them.

Instead I had a Falafel and Spinach sandwich which must be the replacement as it announced itself as new. It wasn't very nice - falafel between sliced bread is somehow wrong.


cogidubnus said...

Presumably those below the rank of manager "ne mange plus"...


Mrs Fashion said...

I hate it when they do that!
They axed the ham and picallili one, and the chorizo and mozarella (although it was a bit stinky). The only rightful place for a felafal is between pitta bread. Have you ever gone to the felafal king on portobello? Delish