Monday, November 19, 2007

Money for Old Rope

The Spice Girls reunion tour is not for me. I don’t like them, I never have done, they’ve always had more money than talent. But I know that plenty of people want to see them and who am I to judge? I’m in no position to talk as I dutifully turn up to see The Wonder Stuff everytime they need the money from a tour and they aren’t that much more credible.

But then I read in the paper that it is likely that The Spice Girls will just mime on their tour. Is it just me who finds this shocking? What exactly are people paying for here? To see a group of thirtysomethings dance around a bit? I could go to a bar in any town centre on a Saturday night and see that for free.


M said...

Didn't they just mime it all the first time around? Why would now be different?

Not a fan.

SandDancer said...

Nearly everyone used to mime on Top of the Pops and I don't think Posh every did much singing, but I assumed the others did sing live before. I just don't see the point in going to see someone live if they aren't going to sing.

cogidubnus said...

So you're not a Marcel Marceau fan then?


I'm inclined to agree with you though!

SandDancer said...

Not really a Marcel Marceau fan but if I turned up to see him mime live and he decided to sing instead, I'd be pretty annoyed. Highly unlikely to happen as I think he just died recently.

Hotter Than... said...

"they've always had more money than talent" That does imply that they have some talent. Surely not.

As for your plan for a trip to town centre on a Saturday night - sounds infinitely preferable to watching The Spice Girls drag their sad old arses around for a quick buck. If you really want to listen to them, put on their "greatest" hits collection and enjoy it from the comfort of your living room. What would be the difference?

Girl*Next*Door said...

I so agree. They are milking it for all it is worth & Posh sickens me, can't stand them!

Having said that..... Emma Bunton had one or two singles I'm quite fond of, but at least she's a decent girl :)