Monday, June 09, 2008

To the Midlands!

Such is the cyclical nature of my life and this blog that we’ve reached that time of year again for my annual jaunt to Birmingham. We are not staying the window-less hotel this time, but will be sampling another of Birmingham’s finest budget hotels.

I'm trying to muster some enthusiasm for it by calling it a jaunt, but a traipse would be more accurate. My schedule will be thus:

Train - Hotel - Food - Bed - Venue - Train

Back not soon enough.


Roses said...

Don't forget to send us a postcard - something really cheesey.

My sympathy and a bottle of naughtiness on your return.

Anonymous said...

I'm on a similar jaunt to Solihull in a couple of weeks - can't wait

Have fun!

M said...

Right now, I'm stuck in a business conference all day long, morning to night with 30 colleagues, Mon-Fri this entire week. I'm in downtown Dallas, so the venue isn't so bad, and I get to go home at night, but being cooped up with the same 30 people all day long for an entire week is about to drive me nuts. *ugh!*