Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gazing at my shoes, ringing in my ears

Last night was the first of my series of gigs by older bands - My Bloody Valentine at the Roundhouse.

It reminded me of watching The Chart Show back in the early 90s when the three specialist charts (rock, dance and indie) would rotate and I'd eagerly anticipate the indie week. Back then alot of the indie (and dance) acts couldn't afford to make videos so The Chart Show would play their song accompanied by a swirling graphic. My Bloody Valentine were very much of that era (of a supposed scene and sound given the name "shoegazing") and whilst they evidently did have some videos, they weren't that much different from The Chart Show's graphics.

The music and the visuals last night took me back to those Saturday mornings in my teenage years.

This is what it looked like, and it sounded just like it looks.

It was ethreal, blurry and above all else incredibly noisy. My ears are still ringing now from the blaze of feedback that ended the show.


cogidubnus said...

Not my thing I'm afraid, but glad you had a really great night out after the klutzy day!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fabulous gig!

I have fond memories of the chart show too - I used to love getting ready to go out to it on a friday night before it took up its saturday morning slot

I was always gutted when I'd tuned in expecting the indie chart and it turned out to be rock week...