Saturday, June 21, 2008


Yesterday, I had a clumsy day. I was an accident waiting to happen and invariably it did happen.
  • Knocked into the glass doorway with my side on my way out of H&M
  • Banged my head on my desk when I was charging my ipod
  • Slammed my desk drawer closed on my hand when I was putting something away
  • Tripped over someone's feet getting off the tube
  • Had my drink kicked over at the concert (actually that one wasn't so much my clumsiness as the person next to me)

Then during the night, I banged my head on the bedside chest of drawers,which has been next to my bed for five years, and I've never banged my head on it before.


Roses said...

I've got bruises on my arms and legs from this week of walking into, past and through things.

Fortunately, people at work have witnessed the bang, me swearing and rubbing the sore bits, so they don't get the wrong idea.

SandDancer said...

Luckily my clumsiness left no marks behind and by Saturday I wasn't as bad (I always have a certain level of uncordination)