Sunday, May 11, 2008

M. I. A.

The reasons for my prolonged absence were that I was:

Busy at Work
Up North
Busy at Work

It has been hectic but mostly uneventful.

Yesterday, we went to Oxford for the day, for no other reason than it is there and not too hard to get to from here.

The University buildings were beautiful and there were some lovely riverside pubs, but besides that it was disappointingly pretty much like any other place in England.

Busy at Work is likely to remain the case for the next week.


Hotter Than... said...

That's weird I was in Oxford yesterday too!!.

I discovered Blackwells - 3 shops selling music, art and books - what more could I want. I have to admit though, I prefer Cambridge but then I lived around thee so I guess I'm biased.

Hope things become less busy soon and you can enjoy some of the summer before it disappears

SandDancer said...

Strange, we could have passed each other without knowing.

My OH used to live in Cambridge and he thought it was similar in places. Once away from the university and river, it could have been anywhere. It was good to have a day trip though.

Anonymous said...

How weird...whilst I wasn't in Oxford I was just down the road in Witney this weekend!