Monday, May 26, 2008

The Hitched Hitch

The wedding season is upon us again. I can tell because the stall near work that once sold fruit, then starting selling t-shirts, it now selling pashminas.

My summer is being dominated by weddings. The OH is best man at one in August. Then I'm bridesmaid for my sister and my oldest friend. With hen weekends and visits for dress fittings, its costing a scary amount - more than our week's holiday in San Francisco, in fact.

So I've been worrying about how I'm going to pay of it all, but reasoning that some of it at least should be fun.

Then I get an email from my sister, distraught.

The hotel she had booked to hold her reception has been sold to another company and is closing for refurbishment. She has had this venue booked for a year. Nobody there told her this was happening. She found out by chance because a friend went there for lunch and overheard staff talking about the takeover. Quite when they were planning to tell her if her friend hadn't stumbled upon this, we don't know.

Tomorrow she has a meeting with the venue to discuss what can be done. I hope some alternative can be found, otherwise its looking like all going back my mother's for the reception. And as much as my mother does put on a lovely a spread, that is certainly not what my sister wanted for a her big day.


Miss Butterfly said...

Oh no that's terrible, I hope she sorts something out soon.

SandDancer said...

Thank you. Happily, she has found another venue. Another hotel has expanded so can take her and it actually sounds better than the original venue.

We are all so relieved.

Roses said...

Oh bless your poor sister, last thing she needed. Weddings are indeed times of stress. Hope her big day goes well.

Ing said...

Having been best man at my brother's wedding last week I can certainly say that weddings are stressful indeed. But you and your sis keep the faith and eventually when you least expect it the planets will align and stop everything from going a bit Pete Tong.