Sunday, May 11, 2008

Casting my Clout

Readers not from the north of England or those unfamiliar with its sayings may well be confused by that title. It relates to the saying "ne'er cast a clout til May be out". Roughly translated it means don't stop wearing your thermal vest until May is over. In practice this means that if you dare to walk down the high street before June without wearing a cardigan and mac on a hot day, old women feel they are justified in tutting at you.

Despite it only being the 10th May, I put aside this old warning and , today I made the change over between my summer and winter wardrobes. Away went the jumpers, parka and boots, out came the t-shirts, linen trousers and sandals.

Whilst having this changeover, I learnt the following things:
  • I have a disproportionate number of tops, compared with trousers and skirts
  • For someone who prefers plain clothes in neutral colours, I have an awful lot of strange coloured, heavily patterned clothes
  • For someone who is very clumsy, I have a lot of silk and/or dry-clean only clothes
  • Most of my clothes come from the same four shops
  • There are two items in my wardrobe that I've never worn and doubt I ever will, but I don't feel able to part with them yet
  • There are five things in my wardrobe that I'm keeping for sentimental value
After I'd sorted out the clothes, I hung some towels outside dry. Coupled with having "cast my clout", I feel sure it will now rain.


M said...

It was 91 degrees in Dallas on Saturday....all jackets were cast aside while strappy tops and shorts began to make their debuts in public.

On Sunday morning, however, it was 50 degrees. The strappies went away, the jackets returned. *sigh* will only last a few days, and we'll be into the 80s again shortly. Viva strappy tops once again!

Anonymous said...

My grandma always use to use this phrase...

The sun caught me by surprise, so I'm muddling through wearing a number of weird clothing combinations. As someone who loves winter and doesn't really do summer, sunshien and heat, I think I don't want to give up on my black trousers just yet...

Roses said...

I've started wearing skirts again, something that requires warm weather. I've even worn a short skirt as well. Shown off my orange legs.

Mind you, it is a bit cooler this week, so I might have to revert to wearing jeans again.

SandDancer said...

I'm more of a spring/autumn person but we seem to have skipped spring so far this year and gone straight from winter to summer. I like dresses and skirts, but with the protection of a jacket and tights still. Dressing for work is too much of a minefield in the heat.

Claire said...

My mum is rather fond of that saying too, and tends to go around trussed up in winter woollies while others are getting their limbs out for the first bits of Spring sun. She's already 'told me so' since all that rain yesterday. Looks like you were right about the rain too!