Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Last Supper

We’ve been watching a lot of Prison Break recently – in fact its pretty much the only thing I’ve watched since we moved. We are watching the first series on DVD rather obsessively, then the latest episode of the second series on the television every Monday. When this programme first came out, I scoffed its ludicrous storyline and didn’t watch it, but at the start of the second series, the OH had to write about it at work so he thought it would be a good idea to watch it rather than just relying on Wikipedia. And we’ve been hooked.

Don’t get me wrong, it is nonsense. Surely there must have been another way of breaking his brother out of prison other than having a cryptic encoded version of the prison’s layout tattooed over his (rather fine) body and then getting himself put in the same prison for armed robbery. But it is very watchable.

The other night his brother was facing the chair and was asked what he wanted for his final meal. He picked blueberry pancakes. I was rather disappointed it was just one course, as I’d always assumed you got a big slap up feast of three courses.

This is a favourite ice breaker/lull in the conversation topic of one of our friends – what would you pick for your final meal? I still don’t have a definitive answer after months of on & off thought:

Starter – French Onion Soup with the cheese covered bread crouton thing (if I’m allowed to be very specific, I would like it from Steph & Nic’s restaurant next to Madison Square Garden in New York!).

Main course – I really don’t know. I do love a curry but thinking practically, it wouldn’t go with my other two courses and it is quite filling. Perhaps something Mexican, something with a bit of chilli. This needs more thought.

Dessert – Summer Fruit Pudding with vanilla ice cream. No contest. Its not very healthy but at this stage, I don’t suppose calories matter.

What would you have? Most people surveyed by our friend would apparently have sausage & mash and apple pie.


Miss Forthright said...

Apparently Timonthy McVeigh the Oklahmona bomber had 14 pints of mint choc chip ice cream. I could just eat some of that!

M said...

Boatloads of french fries. Maybe sweet potato french fries. I love them but won't allow myself to indulge very often, so this would be my splurge, as simple and unsophisticated as it might seem... :)

Miss Forthright said...

Oooh what would I have....

either roast turkey with cranberry sauce and chocolate pudding and custard to follow OR a huge curry.

SandDancer said...

No point in denying yourself in this situation. I had a lovely salad at lunchtime but think I would want to go out with something a bit more of an indulgence.

Anonymous said...

No question, my mum's steak and kidney pie with crinkle cut chips and loads of gravy followed by creme caramel...mmmmmmm yummy