Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Packing to go on holiday might be fun but there is no joy in packing to move.

Nearly all of our worldly good are now packed in boxes, bags and any other recepticles we could lay our hands on. There are just a few niggly little bits left that we need to use in the next 20 hours.
Just like the last time, we started well - months ago we sorted out books and videos. I thought we'd left ourselves plenty of time and that this time my packing would be super-effecient and organised, so that unpacking would be easy. But we ran out of time. All of our time and energy over the last three weekends has been spent on decorating the new place so packing has become a last-minute, cram things wherever they'll fit and hope for the best affair.
The old flat now looks like a warehouse. Its not pretty. I'm convinced the removal company either won't turn up or won't be able to fit it all in their van.
Tonight, amongst the boxes, we are having our final meal there - a takeaway from a restaurant that delivers its wood-fired oven pizzas to this postcode but not our new area.


Miss Forthright said...

I thought you'd already moved!

All very exciting.

SandDancer said...

No, we've just been decorating the new place for the last couple of weeks. Because of the way the sale went, we were left with 3 and a bit weeks on our rental contract so we've still been living on there. Our seller paid half of the last month's rent though so it wasn't too expensive and has been very useful.

M said...

In college, I had a rule that if something didn't fit in my car, I didn't want it.

Alas, many years later, I am laden with STUFF. Yuck.

Moving is pure torture. Good luck with it.

SandDancer said...

That's an interesting rule, although since I don't have a car, it would be even harder to enforce just having what I could carry.

Apart from quite a few dresses, I really didn't think I owned much, but it all quickly adds up to a pile of boxes.

M said...

I wouldn't have a car if I lived there. But it's a necessity here, especialy in the southwestern U.S. We are spread far and wide, and the availability of public transportation is poor. As a result, most people have a car, even in college.

Personally, I'd love to get rid of mine and walk everywhere, but it's not feasible.

SandDancer said...

You'd be surprised how many people in London won't be without a car even though it isn't really practical and it seems to make them lazy - driving to buy a newspaper when its 5 minutes walk etc.

My aunt lives outside of Atlantic City and whilst not exactly the countryside, she is miles from even the nearest shop so a car is vital. My mum felt rather stranded when she visited her and didn't have the use of a car.

M said...

I would love to live in a walking city, truly. My husband loves cars as a hobby, so he probably wouldn't agree, but I'd give mine up in a heartbeat if I didn't need it.

Roses said...

How has the move gone? Are you settled in? Hope you had a good weekend.

SandDancer said...

The move went incredibly smoothly - we had the loveliest removal men. But we don't have internet access yet.