Friday, April 13, 2007

My new toy

I bought this last night at Ikea (in blue).

I'm very pleased with it. Sometimes little things make me disproportionately happy.
I have one hanging basket in the garden to water with it. I've remembered to water it every day so far but was using various cups and glasses until I bought this - I'm sure it will be even more of a pleasure now.
There are also several large pots in the garden which may or may not containing living plants - it remains to be seen - I give them an occassional water just in case. I'm not a natural gardener - I love flowers but am impatient and want instant results. I'm also a bit forgetful, which doesn't help. But I'm quite determined to make the most of our little outdoor space, so I may yet overcome these obstacles.
Any recommendations for things to grow that give quick results but don't die if you forget about them for a day or so would be much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I'm not green fingered so have the same problem otherwise my garden is filled with dead things.

On the advice of the OH's mother who is green fingered, I've filled my garden with perennials which are mostly green but occasionally sprout colour and can be left alone for long periods and never die. They just need cutting back now and again.

I have planted Budleia (I'm sure that's spelt wrongly) hostas (come in different shades of green adn stripey leaves although the slugs love these), camelia and Azaleas (both these need acid soil) and oranmental grasses like bamboo (you can also get ones with red leaves). I also have some asters (like big daisies in all colours) in pots. All are thriving and I don't have to lift a finger except now and again...

I just re-rad that and I almost sound like I know what I'm talking about

SandDancer said...

We don't have any lawn - its all decked so I'm limited to things that can go in pots really but I'll look out for some asters - I like big daisies!

bibbitybob said...

They're loovely, so cute! I planted some rocket seeds with success, and have managed not to kill the wild flower seedlings I sprinkled into a pot. My Mum's very green fingered but I'm loving just playing around until I find something grows!

bibbitybob said...

Ooh and quick seedlings . I bought a big pack of pansies and sweet peas from B&Q and the pansies are in bloom and looking lovely already!

SandDancer said...

Just spotted this comment now. I'm hoping to get started on my pots this weekend so will look out for some seedlings.