Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Over-paid, over-pampered morons

Today, I hear on the radio that a Liverpool player, who hasn't played much this season and wants to leave, has described his time at the club as being a slave.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought slaves were taken from their home against their will, sold into miserable lives where they worked long hours, for no money at all and treated no better than animals.

Unless Liverpool have radically changed their players' pay structure, I'm sure he isn't working for free and that he isn't being kept chained up when he's not playing. In fact, I'm sure he has quite an enviable life compared with many people in the world.

I used to like football a lot more than I do now and I think the reason I've gone off it is largely down attitudes like this from players who are so out of touch with real life that it is often offensive.


M said...

Totally agree. The spoiled players are ruining the sport. Same with football here.

Here, we pay players an obscene amount of money to play a game, and in their spare time, all they seem to do is behave badly and get into trouble. Big stuff -- drugs, assault, you name it.

The Dallas Cowboys used to be "America's Team" years ago -- they were 'the good guys'. Now collectively, the team probably has a rap sheet as long as their arm. And we just keep paying them more and more and more. It's embarrassing, really. And it's turned off a lot of people to the sport.

Roses said...

Yeah, I must admit, it's not impressive considering he will have earn 10x my annual salary for one 90 min appearance on the pitch.

Ummm...I'd be a slave for that. Do you think it's too late for me?

SandDancer said...

Roses - I haven't seen your ball skills, but I suspect it might be too late for you and the ladies game doesn't pay so well. You have too many qualifications to be a footballer as well!

M - I don't know anything about your football but the OH says of basketball in the USA that at least they sort of earn their money by playing so many games in comparison with our footballers.