Friday, April 27, 2007

Art Nemesis Part 2

I ranted recently about my hatred of a piece of art at work. My loathing for that has been matched by that for a picture in my own home.

How could this have happened in my own home? Well, the previous owner kindly left the piece below hanging in the bathroom.

It is a rather dubious spurt of water in three stages or 'Ikea Generic Bathroom Picture #1' to give it its full title.

Again, its the blandness of it that offends me. And the relentless 'blue & white'-ness. Its so impersonal - I can't imagine it meaning anything to anyone. Silly, tacky or ugly even I could handle if it had some personal history.

Our bathroom is tiny. It really does not need anything on the wall. So where is the problem? Just take it down. End of story.

Except, there is a dirty great big nail in the middle of the white tiles. Not only does it look awful, but I'm afraid that if I leave it exposed one of us might have a freakish accident and end up impaled on the nail (we are both very accident-prone).

But tonight I'm determined to find something else to replace it. I've purchased an assortment of frames and something is going to found to hang up there in its place.


Anonymous said...

That is a horrid picture - it makes me think of hotel toilets. I'm sure you can do so much better

We have a large bathroom with quite a lot of wall space and people are always saying we should hang a picture...but we chose our aqua marine walls and glass tiles carefully to create a clean, fresh, functional minimalist space!

SandDancer said...

I was slightly worried the comment was going to say 'We have that in our bathroom and love it. It reminds us of your honeymoon' or soemthing. So I'm relieved you don't like it eithr.

Is having a picture in the loo a very old-fashioned English thing? I get the feeling it is. I think you should stick with the tile - I love shiny bathroom tiles.

Roses said...

Ummm...I thought I might let you have the benefit of my time in Art School. All of my tutorials, time spent analysing other artists and their work.

The best description of that picture, I can come up with after careful deliberation is:


SandDancer said...

Its good to have an expert opinion Roses! So I know for certain, I'm not binning an undiscovered masterpiece.