Thursday, January 10, 2008

7 Things about Me, Coffee and Tea

Around the web, people are doing these Seven Things pieces. At first I was struggling to think of seven things that regular readers wouldn’t already know, and then somehow I decided I had enough items to stick to the topic of tea and coffee (I can’t promise they will be very interesting).

  1. I like my tea very weak – just make the briefest introduction between the bag and the contents of the cup. I have been known to dive across a room to fish out a teabag
  2. I also like my tea made the traditional way of milk in first. This method was apparently used when people drank from fine bone china cups as it prevented the cups from cracking. With modern mugs it is no longer necessary but I prefer it that way
  3. I prefer to drink tea from a mug/cup with a white interior
  4. I gave up having a half a sugar in my tea for Lent when I was seven and now can’t stand even a sip of sugared tea
  5. I’m not so fussy about how I take coffee, although churlishly I often prefer instant to proper coffee which tends to send me a bit bendy
  6. Decaf coffee makes me feel sick, but half caf doesn’t make me feel half sick.
  7. I’m always slightly suspicious of people who don’t drink tea or coffee. I don’t mind if they drink one and hate the other, but I find drinking neither very odd. I wonder what they do to break up the day at work and what they drink during difficult times (I’m a firm believer in a consoling cuppa). Even if I go on to become good friends with these non-drinkers, I will never fully trust them because of this.


Roses said...

I only drink tea when I'm sick. If I don't have coffee in the morning, bad things happen. If I have more than 3 cups of coffee I turn into Manic Bunny.

I'm fussy about my instant coffee, I have it with a spoonfull of brown sugar and 2 and a half spoonfulls of Coffeemate. I prefer my real coffee in a cafe as a cappucino.

I never gave Boy coffee or tea when he was little and he refuses to drink either now. I think he's missing out.

SandDancer said...

Regarding the morning drink, I must have a tea first thing, otherwise I'm not right for the rest of the day.

Not only is the Boy missing out, but he's in danger of being mistrusted by random women. (which may not be a bad thing on reflection).

cogidubnus said...

Oh sanddancer, a lass after my own heart - I too find the world unbearable (and vice-versa I suspect) without the cup that refreshes...I've long been a Yorkshire Tea afficionado, but have recently discovered "Punjana" and would strongly recommend it...

Shame on you Roses! Fancy mistreating a sensitive lad like that...the deprivation could scar him forever :-)

V*Kstro said...

Well, I'm not a huge fan of coffee. I do at times drink frapuccinos in the morning when I know it's gonna be a long day at work due to a long night out. One would think that I would love coffee. There is always some brewing in my house. I do love me some tea. My fav... Warm chai tea!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

I'm a non drinker of hot drinks. I'm a total, total Coke/Pepsi addict. I have to have a can when I get to work in the morning, dinner, and depending how busy I am, either one in the afty or when I get home. My teeth will be rot rot rotting away soon.

M said...

I love coffee in the morning, but all I usually pour is a half cup, and I drink it so slowly, it gets cold before I finish. I actually think I like the smell of coffee brewing in the morning more than anything...and that first few sips.

Anonymous said...

I could never trust anyone who has the retarted opinion of not trusting anyone who drinks neither tea nor coffee.

SandDancer said...

Anon - If insulting someone while displaying a total lack of humour, I find it is best to check your spelling first.

Unless, of course, retarted is just a word I'm not aware of.

Teasite said...

Milk in first also stops the milk being scalded by the hot water, which is why I think it tastes better.

Still, maybe I'm retarted.

cogidubnus said...

I think anonymous was just having a Lilo-Lil moment!