Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Futility of Resolutions

I’m fighting the urge to write out a list of resolutions for 2008 as I fear they will be depressingly similar to those for 2007.

Get a New Job in particular has featured on the resolution list ever year that I’ve had a job.

Get Fit is always in there too.

As is Save More Money.

But that last one often conflicts with vaguer aims to Have a More Interesting Life or Be More Cultured (which can usually be broken down into Read More, Travel More, Learn Something New, Watch More Films, See Friends More Often, Go to More Exhibitions).

I may have once vowed to Give Up Coffee but I won't be doing that one again, although Drink More Water and Eat More Fruit will probably return.

What is particularly depressing about my failure with the resolutions as that they are all obtainable goals. Its not like I'm aiming to Swim the Channel, Win the Lottery or Win a Nobel Prize.

And yet each year its the same. Well maybe 2008 will be the year I succeed. If not I can always just cut and paste this post again in 2009.


Claire said...

I tend to not make New Year resolutions, as everyone else does and the expectations seem greater somehow.

I find it easier to keep them when they're scattered throughout the year, so no-one knows about them, and they arise from a realisation that something drastically needs changing. It's quite nice when you've lost weight or got healthier without telling people you're doing it, and they start noticing that you look really well.

Desperation is a good motivator too! A friend realised he had to be tidier when he started using his ironing board as a substitute dinner table, as it was the only available flat surface.

Hotter Than... said...

I'm with Claire.

I never make New Year resolutions. Partly because I find New Year anticlimatic and there's pressure to be "good". Also as a pagan, I celebrate a different New Year.

I notice things during the year that I think I sould do/improve and then go for it. For example I feel more inclined to run regularly in from the Spring onwards but I make the most of it and go out as often as I can.

Reading more sounds good to me.

Roses said...

I make lots of resolutions, in the New Year and many times a day.

How many have I achieved? Umm...not many I must admit.

I tend to achieve more by pottering around at my own pace, rather than setting targets and striding out. Mind you, I still haven't achieved very much either. I'm still unfit, have a rubbish diet and am in a job that costs me money. Ummm...

Perhaps it's time I did something completely different?

SandDancer said...

Spring is definitely a more sensible time for the getting fit resolution as it is so hard to motivate myself when its cold and dark. But otherwise these are all things I've need to do for a long time but the new year seems like it should provide a good push to make the changes - at least in theory, in practise I just want to curl up in bed until Spring.