Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Happiness Workout (reprised)

Looking at draft articles on the blog is like rummaging around in the attic or under your bed. You come across some things you don't know why you kept in the first place (posts that consist of just a title), things you really should throw out (the heartbreakingly poignant post that I would never publish anyway and can still make me cry) and the really quite useful things that you forgot you had.  The post below falls into that category.

I came across an article in the files at work entitled "The Happiness Workout". It was about how we have to sometimes work at being happy.

The article ended with some exercises that apparently help to increase happiness. The one that has stuck in my mind, the easiest one to do probably is to list three things that have gone well each day. However, the article did say that some research said it was better to do it weekly rather than daily, presumably because it could have the opposite effect if you can't find something good each day.

So going for the weekly version, here are three positives from this week.

1. I found a copy of a book I'd been looking for ages in an Oxfam bookshop for £2.50
2. I had some great Thai food on my Friday night out 
3. I discovered a fantastic antiques market near my work which will provide hours of great browsing

This may become a regular feature.

Back in 2009, it didn't even become a feature, let alone a regular one. But perhaps it can now, although to be honest I'm struggling for the week just gone.

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