Friday, May 03, 2013

Where do I restart, where do I re-begin after two and half years?

A friend started a blog about a year ago and talking to her about it, I was jealous. Hers is a fashion blog - one of those 'what I wore today' type of things. I didn't want to do that sort of thing - in my case what I wear these days is decided based on whether something is a) clean and b) weather-appropriate - and if it manages to be both, so much the better!

But I remembered how much pleasure I got from this old blog. At first from just having a place to vent, to release, to write.  Then later to share and discuss with people who were friends.

I've been wondering if anyone does still blog or is it old hat? In the intervening years, I've dabbled with Twitter, but 140 characters or less, isn't the ideal mode for someone as verbose as I tend to be.

So I've been thinking more and more about returning to this old blog.  So here I am, letting myself back into a neglected room, feeling slightly sheepish, uncertain that I'll continue, but testing the water here.

Things seem to have changed a bit. The blogger system has moved on - hopefully the technology won't get in the way of my glorious return.


Roses said...

Hello gorgeous

Welcome home!

It's changed a bit, there's been some redecoration and such. There some new faces and some old.

Lovely to see you.

cogidubnus said...


Been visiting every now and again to see if you'd returned...have only tonight realised that I was in fact bookmarked to your 2010 pages and hadn't sussed there were any new ones...doh!

Welcome back!

SandDancer said...

Thanks both.

Stalled a bit again after an initial burst of blogging energy.