Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A wish come true

Today I got my wish and went swimming in the rain.

It wasn’t as great as I’d thought it would be.

In my mind, there would be big fat raindrops, but a blue sky and perhaps even a rainbow. In reality, the rain was persistent but fine, the sky was white with rain yet to fall and the surrounding buildings were drabber than ever. The poolside walk was treacherous and I nearly slipped. A light steam rose from the heat of the water and the palm trees swayed in the breeze.

The rain continued for my whole swim but after the first few lengths, once I was properly wet, I didn’t really notice it that much.

I’ve got a night out tomorrow that I’m really looking forward to – I hope it isn’t as much of an anticlimax as the rain swimming.


cogidubnus said...

What I'd have given to be there...bugger!

Anonymous said...

I think it was the wrong kind of rain on Tuesday - too drizzly and fine - you need big, persistent raindrops...you need to wish for those (although I'm not sure we need more rain)!

Hope your night out was good!

SandDancer said...

Cogi - a pale unfit woman in a green rubber swimming cap is not a sight worth seeing, even in the rain.

NM - it was indeed the wrong type of rain. The night out was ok.

cogidubnus said...

Believe me hon...a pale woman in a swimsuit? Phwoooar...