Monday, September 22, 2008

Why I still hate BT

Considering the problems I've had with BT in the past, I wonder why we decided to go with them when we decided to switch broadband providers? The main reason was that a comparison website didn't give any provider more than 4 out of 10, and BT came out top, although hardly with flying colours. 4 out of 10 is a failure mark regardless of how liberal your marking system is.

So two weeks after the switchover date between providers which promised minimum disruption to your service, we still have no broadband. What we have had is:

8 phonecalls from me to their call centres, most of which lasted around 45 minutes due to their systems not working
3 pointless call backs from their call centres, all optimistically starting the conversation with "Your broadband is working now, yes?"
Instructions to press the "Restart" button x 1000
2 new BT hubs
2 visits from engineers, one who reported a fault on the line, the other who diagnosed the hub as faulty.
2 days off work to wait in for said engineers
and today a bill for the broadbroad service!!!!!

If a miracle hasn't occurred and the service started up when I return home tonight, I have to call them again tomorrow. I don't think I can face explaining the situation again or pressing that Restart button again.


M said...

I understand your pain, and you're not alone.

My husband has to call our broadband provider so often, I'd be surprised if they didn't recognize him by voice alone now. Ugh! It's maddening!

Roses said...

Any joy?

You know I feel your pain sister. Kick some Provider ass!

Hotter Than... said...

Sorry to chuckle but have you heard Marcus Brigstocke and his problems with BT? (available on YouTube). I suspect you could form a self help group.