Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sampling the Local Cuisine

We were having a quick drink the pub next door to the restaurant we were eating in on Saturday. Next to us were two foreign girls, obviously tourists in London, judging by the way they kept taking photos of themselves. They were having some of the pub food and my friend noticed that they were having the "traditional Sunday roast" along with a side order of toast.

Toast with a roast! Apart from the rather pleasing rhyme it seemed a bit of a strange combination. But more than that, the toast was burnt.

Burnt toast with a Sunday roast? It was not offered on the menu - I did check.

Presumably they had requested the toast, but judging by the amount of scraping going on, I don't think they'd requested it burnt or well done. Fair enough, they may have fancied a bit of toast, but what possessed the pub cook to serve it burnt? Why did they consider that acceptable?

Its no wonder English food is mocked by other Europeans if this is what we serve up to tourists.


M said...

I must admit that I have had my share of bad food experiences in London. But on the most recent trip, we took the advice of the hotel concierge and had some of the best food ever. So I guess, just ask!

Mellifluous Dark said...

Ugh - toast (burnt, esp) with roast sounds horrible.

I mean, it can't be that difficult for the kitchen to see that the toast was burnt and perhaps do two fresh slices for the customers...