Friday, February 01, 2008

Riding the Tube with Bobby G

People who don’t live in London often ask me if I see lots of celebrities around London, and I really don’t tend to. This may be because a) my eyesight isn’t very good, and b) I often struggle to recognise people outside of context in which I know them (for example I once walked past my own mother on the high street, obviously I didn’t recognise her outside of the confine of our house). It also might be down to the fact that I don’t really frequent the sort of places that the rich frequent.

But this morning, I saw Bobby Gillespie on the tube! Actually, the OH saw Bobby Gillespie and I initially doubted him. Unlike me he is often mistaking people for celebrities like the time he was convinced football managers Gerard Houllier and Sven Goran Eriksson were having a pint together in our local – they weren’t. But it turned out he was right. And he (Bobby G that is, not the OH) was getting off at the same stop as me! Fancy that.

I realise that Bobby Gillespie is hardly A list celebrity, but in my world, he is, having been in two of my all time favourite bands and I have described him as my ideal man on several occasions. So it was nice to start the day seeing him in the flesh - he looked ghostly white, knackered and was wearing dubious pointy shoes, but I still would have done it with him there on the concourse if he'd asked.

But I must admit I was surprised to see him on a crowded tube train at 8.30 in the morning. Surely he can afford a cab? According to some tabloid or other (as the OH informed me later) he was out partying with Kate Moss last (Bobby G again, not the OH) and was spotted leaving her place at 5am.

That still leaves quite a few hours unaccounted for though, unless he really struggled to work the ticket machine.


M said...

But ewwww!!! You don't want to do him just after he's been on the Kate Moss tour. At least give it some time for the penicillin to kick in. :)

Anonymous said...

Dubious pointy shoes do not sound good...I think that would have been a definite no no for me, I wouldn't have been able to get the image of them out of my head and get on with the task at hand...

I'm quite envious as I never see famous people or rather I should say good famous people - either I just don't recognise them or I only ever see the lame ones, like the bloke who plays Minty in E'Enders

cogidubnus said...

Perhaps I ought to google (but I can't be arsed...who the **** is Bobby Gillespie ?

SandDancer said...

He is the singer from Primal Scream who are my favourite bamd. He's not good looking at all but I still have a yearning for a rock n roll boyfriend (which is ridiculous when I can't stay up later than 11pm and can't drink more than 4 drinks, so I'm cut out for the lifestyle really).

Roses said...

Living in Norfolk, we aren't exactly awash with cool and trendy musician types. And no I don't count the Darkness (Lowestoft) or Myleen Klass (Gt Yarmouth).

In fact the only two celebrities I can remember seeing are Martin Shaw and the janitor out of Dinner Ladies.

Perhaps I ought to adopt your lifestyle? Except I'd need to be in bed by 10.30 and 3 glasses of red are my limit.

SandDancer said...

Roses - that extra half an hour and drink will open up a whole other world to you!

On East Anglia celebrity spotting, I seem to recall John Major's son worked in the M&S when I lived there. The singer and now writer of many of pop hit, Cathy Dennis is from Cromer I believe, although I never saw her there.