Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The lonely woman searches for the dream

I've just received an email with the above title.

Below is the rather poetic message:

My name is Galeeva Julia.
I to look a structure at a site. You to interest me as the man.
To me to want it is more to know about you.
Now it is
very difficult to find the person whom to begin the present friend.
Not speaking about the man to go a life together.
And consequently I have decided to write to you the letter.
It is a little to write about itself.
To me of 30 years old, single.
As To love sports, I do not smoke.
My friends speak about me that I very
interesting person and they very much like to communicate with me.
To not know what to write about itself.
If to you to become interesting, you to write to me the letter.
I to answer you it is more about myself. Mine mail:, there I can show more
photo from mine a life and tell about myself.
I shall wait very much your
Bye bye.

If I thought I could offer her what she is looking for, I would reply as she has a lovely way with words, don't you think. If you read it out loud, it could be poetry. I didn't look at the attached picture though for fear it would infect my computer or offend my delicate sensibilities.


Mellifluous Dark said...

That is so funny – it is very poetic and polite. Bizarre, but I automatically slip into an Italian/Spanish accent when reading that in my head. Wise not to look at the pic – you never know!

Lady Skywalker said...

It sounds more like an online translator to me :P

Miss Forthright said...

Lol! This post made me laugh out loud.

SandDancer said...

I read it out aloud to the office but I can't do accents (apart from my own and even that wanders a bit). Authentically it should be Russian but I think Italian or Spanish may do more justice to the lyrical quality!

Lady Skywalker - hello and welcome but what a cynical response! Can you not hear the poetry in those words?

MissF - glad to have made you laugh.