Friday, October 26, 2007

It’s a Hard Knock Life

This afternoon has involved making lots of phone calls to theatres around the country. Not the best task on a Friday afternoon, but this post is not going to be a moan about the things that are getting my down at the moment (it would be quite a list). This is actually a happy post.

In the course of this job, I was put on hold at one organisation and their hold music was the song ‘It’s a Hard Knock Life’ from the musical “Annie”. This is going to blow any credibility I may have, but I loved hearing that song again.

I had to resist the urge to sing along but my foot was tapping away and I was almost disappointed when I got through to speak to someone.

I loved ‘Annie’ so much as child. I saw the stage play, I saw the film numerous times, I even had the doll (which in retrospect I think was rather creepy looking). I pictured myself in the Molly role. But I really had completely forgotten all this until this afternoon. And now I really want to see it on stage again.

Actually the song is still going round in my head and I’m going out for drinks with friends quite soon, so I really need to get it out of my mind otherwise mixed with alcohol, it may escape out of my mouth, which won’t be good. I'll need to listen to something catchy but credible en route to displace the show tune!


V*Kstro said...

Ok... Now I have the tune in my head and I'm going for some drinks... This should be fun.

Chocolate & cherries said...

Did you sing???

SandDancer said...

VK - Passing the song onto someone else may be the only way to get rid of it!

C&C - thankfully I resisted singing it - it wasn't really a singing type evening in the end.