Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Outdoor Gear

I'm sat in Glasgow Bus Station looking at the rucksack at my feet, and the label on it that says 'Outdoor Gear'. I can't believe that I own something called 'Outdoor Gear', much less have cause to use it.

My youth was (mis) spent in clubs, gigs, cinemas, galleries - I am decidely indoorsy. But here I am about to get on a bus to the middle of nowhere, where I will spend three nights in a tent.

How did this happen? What mistakes did I make in life that led me at 32 years of age to be going to be camping at a music festival?

The next few posts are the story of my recent trip to the Connect Music Festival. Its a tale that involves Music, Mud and Mojitos, but mainly Mud.


V*Kstro said...

i'm posting this before i scroll and laughing as i can't wait to read about your experience. come on now, how bad can it be? i would of loved to attend this festival. only 3 days...?

SandDancer said...

Only 3 days? How long should it have been? I'm glad I made you laugh anyway.