Friday, September 14, 2007

In the news

Amongst the doom, gloom and Madelaine McCann rumours, these have been my favourite news stories this week:

The couple who live in a Travelodge
The old couple who have been living in a motorway hotel for 22 years which has saved them hundreds of pounds in bills. I’ve always fancied taking up residence in a hotel myself – Howard Hughes did, although he had a whole floor to himself and I presume it was somewhere a bit grander than Travelodge.

Paddington Bear advertises Marmite
This made the news because the Bear was famous for his love of marmalade sandwiches, but now he is advertising Marmite. The report I read had even got a quote from a marmalade company expressing their disappointment that Paddington was abandoning marmalade for another choice of spread.

Italians boycott pasta for a day
Consumer groups urged Italians not to buy pasta on Thursday in protest at its rise in price. I’m all for people power and the right to protest, and as much as I love this story, I’m not sure how effective it was, because it would only make a difference if you ran out of pasta on Thursday. If you had a good stock of various types at home, its unlikely you’d have to buy some on that given day. Even I never run out of pasta entirely and I’m no domestic goddess. A week or longer abstention may have had more effect.


Anonymous said...

I saw the one about the couple in the travelodge too and there was an interview with the couple, which made me laugh.

They were asked what were the downsides of living in a travelodge and the only thing they could think of was that you couldn't accummulate too much stuff due to lack of space...funny, I'd have thought there'd be more than that, but maybe I'm just fussy or have only stayed in the dodgy travelodges!

SandDancer said...

I think they liked that there was always something going on outside of the window - for me that would be a negative. But they were very sweet. I'm setting my sights on at least a 4 Star Hotel.

Roses said...

Can we have pj parties when you move into the Ritz? I'll bring a bottle of naughtiness.

SandDancer said...

We can have pj party but you must not arrive wearing them (see post below).

M said...

Paris Hilton grew up in the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in NYC. Or rather, she got older. I don't think she's ever actually 'grown up'.