Friday, November 27, 2009

Good Week , Bad Week

On Sunnday the washing machine broke.

On Monday there was a leak coming from upstairs. The tenants don't care. The landlord won't answer her phone to me, following the last time when they flooded our place and she claimed it was nothing to do with her. We have turned the water supply off. 3 days without water hasn't bothered the tenants - we have been showering in the morning while they are still asleep.

On Tuesday my colleague bought me a plant to cheer me up. I was so touched I almost cried

On Wednesday, I won £10 on the lottery and laughed a lot at a play at the Royal Court Theatre

On Thursday, I attended my first AGM at the new job and I was personally thanked for something during the Chair's speech.

On Friday, the washing machine was fixed. I spoke to the insurance company, their legal assistance department, the Environmental Health department of the Council and the water company about the leaking from upstairs. Whilst the landlord is legally responsible for it, it could months of us taking them to court to force them to have the problem fixed. In the meantime, I have been advised to "take down the ceiling" ourselves to stop it collapsing and that I could be prosecuted for depriving the upstairs flat of water even though we have tried every means to contact the tenants and the landlord.

On balance an awful awful week with no signs of anything getting any better.


cogidubnus said...

So leave upstairs disconnected from their water supply and say nothing...plead ignorance... it isn't you...eventually they MUST crack...

thoughts running through my head.... said...

yeah definitely plead ignorance!!!!

I had exactly the same problem with the upstairs flat above me,luckily it was outside but it still damaged my property and the freeholders were as useless as the landlord of the upstairs flat-one of the reasons I am moving!!!!

SandDancer said...

We want to move too, but realistically we probably won't be able to do it until next summer at the earliest.

Anyway, the Council left a message for the landlord which triggered them into action on Sunday. The leak has been fixed. Now we just need to get the damage sorted out...