Thursday, March 05, 2009

Night Swimming

I think I have now been outdoor swimming in all conditions, having added windy winter evening to the set of sunshine, snow and rain.

The twilight added a romantic glow to the pool, but unfortunately the strong wind made it a more difficult experience. Swimming through the squall was hard work and in one direction involved being hit in the face with a constant spray of water.

My usual routine using a float was complicated by not being able to keep the float safely on the edge of the pool. Swimming along I was alarmed to see my float hurtling down the length of the pool, unaccompanied, at a speed much faster than I can achieve. It reminded me of when horses finish races without their riders. I felt responsible for this, but thankfully it didn't hit anyone as it skimmed down the pool, and we were later reunited although not where we'd parted company.

Still I'm considering going back again tonight.


Tariq Goddard said...

have been swimming outdoors in all of those apart from snow-leave an address and I'll send you the new book when it comes out in the Autumn

Tariq Goddard said...

I wouldn't want any unwelcome callers on your doorstep or my conscience so please delete your address as I've taken it down.
My e-mail is