Sunday, March 28, 2010

Less Happens

I don't think that central London is the centre of the universe, and I'm sure people who have nothing to do with London lead exciting lives, but since I stopped working in central London, I've had less to say here. Away from the assorted tourists and nutcases that inhabitat central London and the underground system, my daily life has become decidedly uneventful.

The now-not-so-new job isn't great, it has its ups and its downs, but it doesn't inspired me on way or another to write about it as it really isn't that interesting. Tellingly the best thing I can find to say about the whole experience is that there is a great cafe nearby that does a great latte and I'm ignoring that common bit of money saving advice about not buying coffees on your way into work.

One thing I am doing a lot of is going to the theatre. Oh the irony of having left the theatre industry, I now find myself going to the theatre more than I did before. The reason I'm going more is actually related to having left working in it, as I'm now on a judging panel for theatre awards, which I couldn't do while I worked there. I would have more than enough material to write a theatre-related blog if I could be bothered.

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M said...

I actually do think central London is one of the centres of the universe. It certainly is one of the great cities on this planet. I can understand you missing the pace, the diversity, the style, the grittiness of it all. I would as well. Some days I am so in the mood to spend a day in London. Hope to get back over there soon.