Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Balanced Diet

I was sat in a window seat at Pret a Manger, eating my lunch. A man came and sat at the table just outside the window. I noticed that on his tray were five pots of Pret's Caramel dessert. I thought perhaps some friends were going to join him and each enjoy a Caramel Pot, but no. Methodically, but pretty quickly, he worked his way through the five pots. Then he was gone.

That's can't be healthy?

But then again, I was eating a mozzarella and pistachio sandwich at the time, so I'm in no position to talk.

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Girl With The Golden Touch said...

God, I can't even eat a sandwich and crisps in public because I think someone might look and think, whats wrong with just a sandwich, and this man is eating five desert pots?! Madness. Didn't he feel sick afterwards? You should have asked him why he was doing it. It's so strange.