Thursday, October 23, 2008

My October

Aware that I have been silent again for most of the month, a quick round-up.

I have:

Volunteered at an independent film festival again which consisted of;

  • Lots of crowd control (aging session musicians are the worst)
  • Seeing 3 features, 12 shorts and 5 documentaries
    Drinking free cocktails made from Tuaca (tastes nice but lethal)
  • Being in the same room as celebrities of various degrees including; Faye Dunaway, Mark Benton, Richard Hawley and Corey Fieldman
  • Meeting Adam Yauch from the Beastie Boys

Joined another library because the 200,000 book in my Borough aren't enough

Contemplated becoming a documentary film maker

Learnt how to prepare for and deal with a terrorist attack

Continued to dodge the Lucky Heather Sellers


Roses said...

Well done with continuing to dodge the Lucky Heather Seller.

Once again the festival sounded amazing. I am going to keep saying this every year - I want to come!

So, what kind of documentaries are you thinking about doing?

cogidubnus said...

Honey, what is this Tuaca...if it's honestly lethal, I just have to have some...

SandDancer said...

Roses - for helping out I'm entitled to do one of the organisation's courses for free and they do one on documentaries so I was considering doing that. But I watched so many I feel I have a good idea in my mind how to structure them so they work (from having seen good and bad ones). I have a vague idea about something to do with music.

Cogi - Tuaca is "a premium golden amber liqueur redolent of fine aged brandy...blended with hints of vanilla and orange". I'm quoting from the small bottle I have at home. It tastes pretty nice and works well with ginger ale and lime or soda, but its stronger than it tastes.

Hotter Than... said...

It sounds like it's been a bit hectic for you of late. The documentary stuff sounds great - let us know what you decide.

Tuaca sounds like nectar. May have to try and hunt some out