Thursday, August 02, 2007


To my mind flesh-coloured tights are sometimes a necessary evil - not something I would choose to wear, but sometimes essential. If you work in a corporate environment, bare legs or opaques probably aren't acceptable and in some situations of propriety tights are probably needed. But really they are quite vile and definitely not for August.

Yesterday, on the bus (not the most fashion-conscious of locations, I know), I noticed that the woman to the side of me was wearing flesh-coloured tights. Its August, its now fairly warm, but perhaps she some dresscode to observe? No, this is what made it really really wrong. She was wearing short khaki shorts, a vest top and Birkenstock-style sandals! With tights!


We can obviously rule out dresscode based on her outfits and that she was on her way back from a low cost supermarket judging by the bags.

So why else would she be wearing tights?

For Warmth? But surely not in August and not with shorts. If you are cold, don't wear shorts, a vest and sandals. Its simple.

Vanity? Opaques certainly hide the lumps and bumps and I suppose even these tights make your legs look smoother. But if you are wearing open-toe shoes it is obvious you are wearing tights so fools nobody. If your legs aren't up to being exposed to the masses without tights, then don't wear shorts.

Shorts and short skirts are not the only option for summer attire. Floaty dresses and skirts are just as cool and readily available in the shops. I just don't understand why you'd wear shorts. tights and sandals.

So if you were the woman on the E3 last night around 7pm in the above outfit, get in touch to let me know why.


Anonymous said...

Tights in this weather? but it's so humid and warm! And with shorts and sandals!

If there's one thing I hate it's tights with open toed sandals. I was in M&S last week and saw that they now offer an open toed tight option but they looked weird and uncomfortable - I can't belive anyone would want to wear tights that much!

SandDancer said...

I've seen those open toed tights before - I suppose they are for wearing with posh frocks and strappy shoes in the colder weather, but they still odd to me.

Chocolate & cherries said...

I know what you mean about flesh coloured tights, and that outfit just sounds grim.

But worse than flesh coloured are black sheer tights....why? Opaques look far better, and if they're too hot its probably too hot for any tights!

SandDancer said...

Black Sheer Tights - do they still make those? I remember my mother wearing those in the 80s. Why would you want your legs to have a slight black outline?

Girl*Next*Door said...

Eurgh please! I see that loads & it is just grim, there are so many options available that tights & sandals are just needless. Horrible & tea colour tights do not under any circumstances make your legs look better, the complete opposite in fact! Gah!

Rant over :o)

Anonymous said...

I wear skin coloured tights with skirts and shorts just because I hate my legs without them who wants to be worrying about all the lumps and bumps and the horrible veins everyone can see so I don't care if anyone knows I'm wearing tights at all Makes me feel as though I've got nicer looking legs