Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Back in Black

Having made a real effort in recent years to not give in to my natural inclination to always wear black, I now find myself with a job that actually requires it.

I have a new job. Sort of.

I still have the old job, but I now have a new voluntary job as well (plus the bits of freelance stuff too - I'm not very good at doing nothing). As of the weekend, I have joined the 500 volunteer stewards at Shakespeare's Globe. It involves showing people to their seats, herding the crowds in the event of a fire and selling programmes, cushions, blankets and rain ponchos. And it requires me to wear black, which I now find that I have a lot less of in my wardrobe than I thought.

So far (after just two shifts), I really like it and am looking forward to going back next weekend. The thing with voluntary work is it is always much better than actual work, apart from the bit about not being paid.


Roses said...

Sounds fun.

It's been ages since I've volunteered. I loved it.

Enjoy sweetheart.

Oh yeah, I meant to ask...are you still swimming in the rain?

SandDancer said...

I'm still swimming outdoors but I haven't had much rain recently, not while I've been swimming anyway. For one week, I had to move indoors as it was too sunny to swim - with the merest hint of sunshine, the pool fills with people there to pose, not to swim. I'm still doing the Bums, Tums and Thighs classes too which after the initial shock to my system, I rather enjoy.

Sam said...

*waves* Hello!! coming out of the blog woodwork to check in! I finally have the net at home so can comment again, have been reading your blog through my mobile web browser. Hope all is well xx

SandDancer said...

Hello Sam. Good to "see" you again. Hope you are back blogging too.