Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Bus Load

Psychology is a subject I find fascinating, but I'm not sure about the merits of a piece of research from Salford University that was reported in the paper yesterday. A professor has spent time and presumably money researching what your favourite seat on the bus reveals about your personality.

Top Deck of the Bus:
Back: Rebellious
Middle: Independent Minded, more likely to read a newspaper or listen to music
Front: Forward Thinking

Back: Risk-takers who like sitting on the raised aera because it makes them feel important
Middle: Strong Communicators
Front: Sociable meeters-and-greeters

People who don't have a preference are categorised as "Chameleons" and they feel they can fit in anywhere.

This brings to mind a couple of questions.
1. Where do you prefer to sit? I'm a forward-thinking front of the top deck person
2. What about on single deck buses or the controversial bendy buses?
3. What is the point of this research?


Anonymous said...

I don't have a seat preference as such, but there are places where I tend to drift towards, but it depends on the bus, where I am and crucially how busy it is!

I usually sit downstairs because I tend to take the bus only a few stops (usually when it's raining/cold/I'm feeling lazy on my way home) and I tend to sit in the middle not because I'm good with words but because those are the easiest seats to get out of and get to the door without having to climb over people/bags or down stairs whilst the bus piles round a corner at 60mph!

On bendy buses, I like to stand in the middle, because i have discovered that if I sit down, especially at towards the back I feel travel sick.

I'm not sure there's a point to it, but it is typical academic research....all high brow interpretation and no accounting for practicalities...are all people with prams or gammy legs who can't climb stairs good communicators?

Roses said...

Oh I wished this research would have been out a couple of years ago.

I always sat at the top, the third row back from the steps and on the left hand side of the bus out of preference. I did always have my
MP3 player going. Yes, I really am that anal.

M said...

Don't do the bus much, but have never cared where I sit....must be a chameleon, which suits me.

Hotter Than... said...

I have to say it depends on my frame of mind and even who I'm with. Is there an easily led section?! Otherwise I'm a Chameleon.