Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Puppy Love

The latest editions to the Sanddancer family (Northern branch):






They belong, one each, to my sisters and I'm very jealous. When I heard that they'd bought Chihuahua-Jack Russell crosses, I was sceptical. I was imaging some silly delicate little things, but I fell in love with them when I met them.

They are tiny, but they are pretty sturdy. Like very small big dogs!


They are only eleven weeks old but already have distinct personalities. Petal is boisterous, but affectionate, and loves to climb. She is determined to get upstairs. Monty is calmer, curious, but not very brave. He likes to pull up the hall carpet.

They have been lots of fun over Christmas.

And of course, Ellie was there too - the Grande Dame of the Sanddancer household. She watched the new editions good naturedly from her position on the sofa.



Roses said...

Oh wow, they're sooo cute! I can see why you're jealous. How can you resist kidnapping them?

Hope you and OH have a great night and a brilliant 2009.


M said...

OMG!! Ellie looks so much like my Shitzuh "Baci" (Bah-chi = 'kisses' in Italian). They could be from the same litter!

I saw a TV show on Shitzuhs over the holidays, and it said they have their origins in Tibet (a cross between a Pekingese and a Lhasa Apso) and at one point, they almost became extinct. There were only 7 males and 7 females left at their lowest point, and every Shitzuh on the planet today can be traced back to these 14 dogs.

So I am certain that Ellie and Baci are related!

SandDancer said...

Roses - I was tempted to steal them away and I was missing them when I first got back home.

M - I've heard that stat about Shi tzuhs before and it does seem like that Baci and Ellie are related. Ellie is sadly very old now - she will be 13 this year.