Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Saturation Point

Something strange has happened. I don’t want anything for Christmas.

Various relatives have been asking what I would like for Christmas and I can’t think of anything. At a push, I can probably think of a couple of DVDs that I wouldn’t mind, but nothing I’m really that bothered about. And even stranger, I don’t want any more clothes.

I feel as if I have enough of everything already.

Obviously a bigger house, a top range camera, a round-the-world trip and a speed boat (have I ever mentioned that I’m great at driving speed boats? I am) would be welcome, but in the realm of small material things, I have enough.

There is one exception. Books. I could never have too many books. But part of the joy of books for me is the thrill of hunting them down, on ReadItSwapIt, at the library or browsing in bookshops, particularly the ones on Charing Cross Road. Giving someone a list of books on Amazon to buy for me would take away part of the pleasure.

The OH and I have never really gone in for ostentatious gifts and have never gone into debt over Christmas (or anything other than the mortgage) but this year he feels pretty much the same as I do, that it is pointless spending for the sake of it, so we are cutting back. It isn’t anything to do with the credit crunch, but we’ve reached saturation point.

As for everyone else, I’m thinking that I might be happier with another year’s sponsorship of a dog, even if the quarterly magazine often reduces me to tears.

I remember as a child finding it hard to understand that my parents didn't really want anything for Christmas (we always ignored this and bought them something), but now I can understand it.


Mellifluous Dark said...

I can totally relate to this. S and I have both said the same – and have set small-ish budgets so we have a few pressies to open (I wouldn't mind a couple of books and perhaps a candle) and that's all. I'm planning to make people chocolate cakes for Christmas presents to go along with small bought gifts.

There was a time when I'd never have thought I'd not want any more clothes, but I really can't think of any I covet. There are things I like when I go shopping but I don't get that I Have to Have it feeling, which is no bad thing.

Roses said...

My friends and I tend to be really skint anyway, and I love the pressies people think up. Candles, boxes, strings of beads, homemade incense always are instant hits.

It always seems to me that more thought goes into the gifts the less money we have.

M said...

1 gift each, $100 limit - those are the rules at our house this year. We simply don't need anything.

Miss Forthright said...

I'm the same, I've really struggled to think of what I'd like this year. I came up with perfume and a few cds.